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6 Places to Post Spanish Advertorials

Advertorials are an excellent way to expand business and direct more online traffic your way. Promoted content involves writing an article for an external source in order to expand your readership; more people will see your work when it is included on another site or in a newspaper, and this gives good potential for people to take an interest in your blog.

The trouble is, where should you start when looking into posting advertorials? It is important to choose a site or a newspaper that has a similar target audience, so that you are more likely to draw in new readers. If you are interested in posting promoted content in Spanish, read on to find out where might be the ideal sites for you.

1. El Mundo Financiero

If you are interested in writing about financial matters, then this is the perfect site for you. This news site covers the topics of economy, business, work, commerce, and international matters. Since this site covers such matters, the ideal audience is a little older and more business-driven. If your blog covers entrepreneurial issues and you want to appeal to like-minded executives, then this site offers the perfect advertorial opportunity to get yourself noticed by people who will be interested in your ideas.

El Mundo Financiero also has an Analysis & Opinion section on their site, which means you don’t have to write a journalistic news piece in order to write promoted content for them. Instead, you can stick to what you know (and what you’re good at) and write an opinion piece that will allow potential new readers to get to know what you stand for before even visiting your blog.

2. Huelva24

This is more or less your standard news site, with sections on various topics including news from the capital, the province, news about the economy, university, sports and culture. Huelva24 focuses on news from Huelva, sometimes featuring important news from Andalusia as well, and therefore it may be best to write an advertorial for this site if you are from the same locality.

Once again, Huelva24 features a section for opinion articles, which is most likely where you will find your home writing promoted content. The website features a ‘Contact’ button in the top right corner, allowing you to get in touch with the newspaper very easily. In addition, there is a ‘You’ section on the site, where people write letters to the editor and write about their experiences in Huelva. This is a very interactive portion of the site, where people like to leave their comments. If you do live nearby, this site is definitely a good option!

3. El Dia

El Dia is an excellent newspaper for finding news specific to the Canary Islands region of Spain. There are separate sections for the Canaries, La Palma, Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna, Tenerife Norte and Tenerife Sur. Furthermore, there are sections covering the topics of economy, society, current events, technology, sports, culture, food and even international news. Clearly, there is a variety of topics you can write for here, depending on where your interests lie and what you are good at.

As before, it is definitely easier to write an article for this site if you live in the area and can contribute relevant information. El Dia actually have a section of the site for contracting short pieces of news, with a cost of 2,70 euros per 10 words per day, and an extra 0,40 cents for extra words. This might be an easier way of getting into working with the site before posting advertorials.

4. Estrella Digital

This website is geared toward a younger audience, with a lot of daily news and current events as well as a section dedicated to Spanish stars. Of course, the more typical topics also feature on the news site, but if you want your promoted content to reach a slightly younger audience and people who may be interested in lifestyle, then Estrella Digital is probably the way to go.

The site is ideal for those looking to write in a more relaxed tone and show off their knowledge on lifestyle. In addition, there is a la Gran Vida section, where people post healthy living recipes, making this ideal for foodies, too.

5. Huelva Ya

Once again, this site is aimed at the residents of Huelva and it is better if you live here before writing an advertorial for them. Huelva Ya features topics on the province, its economy, current events, society and culture and sports.

Writing an advertorial for this newspaper would require a fairly formal tone in order to appeal to the audience reading the articles here.

6. Huelva Buenas Noticias

This is the final recommended site, and another one from the province of Huelva. As above, it is best to live here in order to write promoted content for this site. There are many categories to browse on the site, including health, food, sports, cars, celebrities, economy, culture and the Port of Huelva. In addition, there is an Opinion section featuring letters to the editor.

Sites with an opinion section are usually ideal for writers wanting to post promoted content, since including opinionated writing can help to create a bond with potential readers and draw in a whole new audience (which is the whole purpose of advertorials).

A Final Note

When writing advertorials, bear in mind that egocentric writing and articles with too many links back to your site will only deter the site on which you are posting. It will also deter readers. Make sure to maintain a professional tone, no matter who you are writing for, and always keep the target audience in mind when you are choosing a topic. This also applies to choosing the site: the newspaper should more or less match your target audience so that your writing reaches the right people.

Browse the sites above and see if anything takes your fancy, and then get in contact before writing. Good luck!

If you need help with them, contact me!


The Guest Post Toolkit

Chances are you have heard of guest posting, but perhaps you haven’t tried it yet. If you haven’t, guest posting involves posting an article for free on another blog or website. Now if we are honest about it, this is done in return for receiving a link back to your own site. In a nutshell, you write content for someone else and in return direct traffic back to your site, boosting ratings and possibly earning you a higher place in the search engines.

This article will walk you through important things to include, or not to include, in a guest post or throughout the posting process, to help you start out as an experienced guest poster.

1. Relevant Content

This really seems like an obvious point, but it is also the most important. When choosing to guest post, it is absolutely vital to pick a site that writes about a similar topic to you. There will be no traffic directed back to your site if the visitors of this blog have no interest in the things you write about. Finding a blog with a similar topic and audience is the first, and most essential, step in guest posting.

Of course, this means that while you are actually writing the guest post, you have to fill it with relevant content that readers will enjoy. This is the only way to encourage people to click the link to your site.

2. Manners

If you have chosen to guest post, chances are that you will have to reach out to the owner of the site and ask to guest post for them. In this scenario, it is best to do some proper research and find a blog that has had guest posts before, because this increases your chances of getting your offer accepted.

When requesting something like this, it is important to be polite and mind your Ps and Qs, because this is sure to increase the likelihood of being allowed to write a guest post. A little flattery could go a long way. It is also essential to come across as professional and articulate, because bloggers and site-owners want to maintain a certain image. In summary, write an e-mail that is friendly, professional and polite.

3. Links

Now, the whole point of guest posting is to include links back to your site. So of course, it is vital to put in one or two links referring back to your own blog in hopes that readers will click the link and explore your blog. The end goal here is to boost your blog’s ratings.

A word of warning, however, is to avoid including too many links. Google may penalise the site for bad content, and quite frankly the site owner whose site you are posting on may be offended that you are including so many links back to your site.

4. Entertainment

Since the aim of guest posting is to draw in some new readers, it is necessary to entertain potential newcomers. Writing with uniqueness, flare and perhaps a dash of humor is a sure-fire way to intrigue a potential new audience. Make sure that your guest article is fun, friendly and makes you sound interesting, and that way more people will click the link to check out your site.

How Can I Publish Guest Posts in Spanish?

Everybody knows the value of links in Spain. If you want to get your post published in a high quality Spanish site with high domain authority you will need to pay for a Spanish  advertorial.