How to learn Spanish in the car

Travelling is a big part of our day. We wake up andcommute to work. When we go out, we spend some time in traffic. On an average,we spend about 2 hours a day in traffic. Most of us waste that time doingabsolutely nothing, either trying to wake up or relax before or after a day atwork. Some even spend the time listening to music. Others, even read a book ifthey are not driving. So, this is why I was thinking about how you can startspending this time learning Spanish. Do you want to see how? Keep on reading.

There are many ways in which you can learn a new language or polish up your skills in a language that you already know, while riding in your car. One of them is by downloading, buying or listening to an online “Spanish in the car” course. This is extremely useful, as they usually repeat the words many times, and if you happen to have an auditive memory, you can catch up quite fast.

Another method of learning Spanish in the car is by listening to Spanish songs. As rhymes are easier to remember and if the song happens to have a catchy chorus, then you have a winner. Later on that day, you can look up the lyrics of your favorite songs and learn their meaning. Actually understand what that singer was trying to say.

If you are more advanced and want to be up to date with what is happening around the world, then you can also listen to a news channel in Spanish. This way, you can both amp up your Spanish language skills, and keep up with what is happening around the world. If listening to news is not your thing, you can also listen to podcasts and stand up shows. A little laugh can definitely help lighten up your mood.

Finally, you can also listen to audiobooks. If you are a beginner Spanish learner, you can start by listening to childrens’ books as they are easier to understand, because the vocabulary is not that complex, and the reading is clear. You can then move up to books that interest you, starting from fiction, and advancing towards more complex books like nonfiction.

As you can see, you can put the time that you spend commuting between a place an another into good use. By simply listening to songs in Spanish, or even audiobooks, if not Spanish language courses that you can take in your car, your Spanish skills will improve in no time. It is true that mostly your speaking, and listening skills will be better, but your vocabulary will definitely improve, and that really matters.

An important thing that you do not have to forget is thateven if you have reached a certain level of Spanish, you can forget it if youdo not have contact with it every day. So, even if it is only a song, or apiece of news, listen to it and put that commute time into good use.

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