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You can write me to:

Do you want to hire me as redactor for texts in Spanish?

If you want a budget about something specific, please send me all the information related with it such as: number of words per article, number of articles, website, etc.  You may wan to look at my Spanish writer services where I explain the information I will need to give you an accurate budget.

I also need to know whether you are a company or not. This is because the invoide will have different format to be ok with my  taxes. The price for you will be the same.

If you are a company in Spain, note what you need to accomplish with IRPF withholding, which will be perfectly clear in the invoice.

Do you want anything else?

Feel free to contact me in the same email. I am happy to get feedback, comments, ideas or anything you want to share with me.

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Contact me and I will write you back as soon as possible.

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I am a freelance copywriter from Spain