I have worked as Spanish freelance copywriter for bettingexpertbettingexpert is one of the most important websites producing reviews and analysis in the gambling sector. They work with bookmakers and casinos, offering their users the opportunity to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each company. Their philosophy is to offer honest reviews, recommending only the gambling options they think are really worth it. Therefore it is a highly competitive market and requires the creation of SEO-optimized texts that are user-friendly at the same time . They need not only to appear in the top positions on Google, but also convert readers into users for their own site as well as the bookmakers and casinos reviewed. I work with them on the Spanish version of the site writing reviews and newsletters, doing translations, optimizing the content for the Spanish market and managing the Spanish community. I also collaborate in the strategy development for the Spanish site.

You can see their site here:

Some examples of content I have written for them are:

Notice that SEO results are not only related to the text. To reach these great positions on Google you need to develop a full SEO strategy in which texts are just one of the key areas.

I have worked as freelance writer in Spanish for BitbondBitbond is a peer-to-peer platform for investing and credit purposes. Its main distinctive feature is working with Bitcoin currency. Based in Germany, they need articles about investing and how to get funding topics in Spanish accurate for both Spain and Latin America. The texts related with their projects need to be highly SEO-oriented, but also to drive some leads for their platform. I write blog posts, translate and localize texts from English to Spanish for their website.

You can visit Bitbond here.

An example of content I have written for them is this blog post about what to know before asking for a loan. Do not hesitate to ask for more examples.

I worked for the Spanish site of A Better Today Recovery Services



A Better Today Recovery Services  is a company providing rehabilitation services to customers in the United States. Their content is informative and SEO oriented. The goal was to reach prospects clients by organic search while offering useful information for people looking topics like alcohol addiction, alcohol rehab, etc. I worked for their Spanish website that is located at

I have worked as Spanish freelance copywriter for inboundwareInboundware is a marketing agency focused on the Portuguese market for Spanish sites that need content in Portuguese. Their philosophy is to generate Content Marketing services that give value to the clients’ customers. The idea is to position their clients as experts in the consumers’ mind. Once this objective is reached, the customers will directly go to the expert when they need something related to their activities. This work requires high quality texts that are optimized for SEO, but prioritizing people. I write blog posts, website content and do translations for them, optimizing the texts for the Spanish market. I also collaborate in the online marketing strategy plan.

You can visit their site here: Inboundware

I have worked as freelance writer in Spanish for BitbondPrisync is a competitor price tracking software. Among their clients there are very important e-commerce business like Mediamarkt and Toshiba, but they also work with smalls business from all around the world. I have worked with them as freelance content specialist. The texts for this project were informative to show how price tracking can be developed to get the best value of it. I worked for them in both English and Spanish. The Spanish texts were published in third party sites as guest posts or promotional articles. SEO was also important, but not the main aspect of these articles. My work included original posts like the ones in their high quality blog about e-commerce and refreshing existing texts in Spanish in order to kep them updated and original free of copy-paste issues.

You can visit their site here: Prisync

Some examples of content I have written for them are:

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I am a freelance copywriter from Spain