Learn how to use SER and ESTAR in Spanish

When I have a beginner student in my Spanish class on Skype, I usually start with SER and ESTAR verbs. It is true that this can be a little tricky for a beginner, but if you catch it from the very first moment, you won’t be struggling with it for the rest of your life.

If you want to speak a second language properly, you need to start to think in that language and to do so, you need to understand how people think in that language. So let’s look at something about SER.

Ser is used to express the unchanging characteristics of a person, place or thing.

Whereas estar is used to describe changing aspects of a person, place or thing.

For instance, when you introduce yourself in Spanish, you say

Hola soy (Nombre), estoy encantada de conocerte

So you use SER for your name because that is a permanent characteristic of you and you use ESTAR to say pleased to meet you because you are pleased right now, but your mood could easily change. This use of ser can be thought as identification.

We also use SER for possessions, because ownership is an important description of a thing. For example:

Esa es mi casa

Well, now the economy says that a house’s owner may change frequently, but the language developed many years ago, when the market wasn’t important. For a thing, its owner is an essential characteristic.

We use ser for the time, the date and for events. This is because the time, the date and the event happens in a moment and don’t change until the moment itself has changed.

Hoy es jueves

And it is impossible for Thursday to be another day. However if you put a persona as the subject, then you could use estar.

Estamos a jueves

An informal way to say the day, but the important thing is that in this statement we are on Thursday and we can change to Friday so, estar is required.

And of course we use ser for definitions because a definition explains the essence of a concept.

Do you want to learn more? Try my Spanish lessons by Skype.

What Upwork is?

Upwork Facts that Every Newbie Should Know

Are you thinking about signing up in one of the most useful websites for freelancers, Upwork? Are you an aspiring freelancer who wants to start reaching his dreams through freelancing? If your answer is yes for these questions, then you are ready to work at home.

upwork freelance platform review
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Freelancing can happen once you sign up in Upwork.com. This website is formerly known Odesk.com. It offers variety of online job vacancies. Its job openings cater most of the works that are needed in outsourcing. It has served lot of freelancers globally and has given job opportunities for people who prefer working at home. In fact, it has been one of the competing companies when it comes to freelancing opportunities.

If you are planning to sign up, or working through this website, then you must know these facts.

Nature of Upwork.com

Upwork.com is an online website that posts job offerings from various people with or without companies. Basically, these people post the skills or services that they need, then you will be the one to apply for that job. Upwork.com does not directly give you a workload. You have to work for it. Hence, not applying for a job means not having workload at all.

Application in Upwork.com

Killer resume is needed in Upwork.com. Just like in applying for a full-time job in companies, or institutions, you have to build yourself by creating a resume. In Upwork.com, your profile in this website is your resume. Hence, you have to show your competence through writing every detail of it. Other than that, you also have to take exams to test and prove yourself. Your chances of getting hired increase whenever you have created your resume. A higher possibility of getting hired is possible if you have good ratings posted on your resume or profile as well.

Two Kinds of Wages

There are two kinds of rates in Upwork.com—hourly rate and fixed hour. Hourly rates refer to wages that are hourly in nature. It means your work or job is being monitored then you will be compensated based on your job hours. It works better for administrative assistants and other fields as well. Meanwhile, fixed rate means your payment depends on your project. If your project’s price is $10, then you will receive that no matter how long you work for it. Hourly rate is better than fixed rate for it will really compensate you well.

Basically, you must know that Upwork.com has already given job opportunities for people worldwide. These people are brave enough to prove themselves through their profiles. If you have the skills to convince employers to hire you, then you must sign up already.

Signing up in this website means opening doors to more opportunities to acquire work whether it is for full-time or part-time. Upwork.com generates opportunities and new learning that you can never get from working in the outside world. As long as you have the resources and well-written resume, you are now ready.

Odesk.com was known for being a low-cost freelance platform, though you can choose what works you will apply for. In my case I have found good clients in ODesk and now in Upwork. However, being honest I have to say that you will find a lot of jobs which budget is non-sense.

GOLD tip for working in Upwork, be picky with the jobs you apply for and you won’t lose time.

How Much Does a Professional Writer Cost in Spain?

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As a Spanish freelance writer, I have seen many job offers for 5 euros per 1200 words. Actually, one time that I bid for a project in which someone needed 6 posts of 800 words about belts daily for the long-term, I was told that I was out of the market because my price was 10 euros per post.

Well I don’t know how much you know about belts, but in my case writing 6 posts daily, no matter the subject, requires some research to provide fresh material each time.

As most clients usually expect the posts to be error-free, I usually need to proofread my own posts or pay someone to do it.

Of course it depends on the subject and on the text length, but if you want to provide a high quality text, you can’t write more than 6-8 posts per day. Well you can if your clients are involved in the work and they suggest titles and have a general idea about the post structure. But, most of the time the clients only know that they need a large number of posts for SEO. In these cases, if you ask me, you can only increase your productivity hurting your quality.

Let’s do an easy calculation:

Price 5 euros.

Posts: 10 per day.

Total income per month: 60 x 22 working days = 1100 euros

And now the freelancer needs to pay taxes= 280 euros -> 820 euros in total. Also, people need to understand that if a freelancer takes a week for holidays, he is not earning money because he is not working.

And now you are likely saying, well that is not so bad, isn’t it?

But, freelancers also have to look for jobs, write applications for new projects, generate invoices, and do basic accounting. And considering that if the freelancer takes a week for holidays, he is not earning money because he is not working. So, in the end that 800 euros are much less than what they seemed.

As a conclusion you can’t get 500 words posted by less than 8-10 euros if you want a professional writer. You can get a high quantity of posts cheaper, but face it, the writer is not professional.

I am not saying that hiring an amateur is a bad option, you have to decide whether you want to place your trust in a professional or someone who has a writing hobby.

There are a wide range of options in the market to choose from but don’t lie yourself with impossible options.



In Copywriting the Size Matters

Size Matters in Copywriting
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Copywriting is the art of writing a text that sells a product or service. It has its own rules and they usually aren’t easy to apply to a copy text in Spanish, because they have been created by English native speakers that work in English.

One of these copywriting rules is keep the text short

Unless you are selling something expensive and with many characteristics that are interesting for the customers, a good copywriter should keep the text as short as possible.

People usually don’t want to read adverts, so minimizing the reading time is a good way to keep readers engaged whilst you tell them what they should know.

So the first rule is whatever you have to say, say it with the smallest number of words possible.

Another copywriting rule is tell the customers as much as possible about the product

Yes, I was just saying that you should keep it short, and now I am saying you need to convey more information.

Actually, this is not a contradiction. You need to keep it as short as possible, but use your words carefully to convey all the information necessary.

The point here is to decide which of your product/service features provides a solution for the customer’s needs. All the positive aspects of the product or service should appear in your text with a short description of each one.

What about copywriting in Spanish

The big problem with Spanish texts is that Spanish requires more words than English to say exactly the same thing. In Spanish if you keep the text too short, the message can be over simplified and that may affect your credibility. So a copywriter in Spanish needs to balance the size of the text. It has to be short, but at the same time it shouldn’t sound childish.

Anyway, what is clear here is that in copywriting, size matters a lot.


3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Writer for a Spanish Text

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We live in a multicultural world; the more languages you know, the more people you can reach. However, trying to write in a language that you do not speak natively can be difficult, and you may even end up conveying a different message than you intend to communicate. Therefore, it is sometimes more beneficial to hire a writer who is a highly proficient speaker of the language in which you want to write. With the numerous choices of writers available online, it can be difficult to know how to choose. These three tips can help guide you in your decision on hiring a writer for a Spanish text.

1) Hire a native speaker
Although it may be a little more expensive to hire a native speaker as opposed to a nonnative speaker, an individual who grew up speaking Spanish is more likely able to communicate effectively in the language than someone who learned it as an adult. When you hire a native speaker, you are less likely to have to worry about grammatical errors. As a result, you may end up saving money because nonnative writing generally needs to be reviewed by an editor to make sure there are not any mistakes.

2) Hire someone with a freelancing experience
Experienced freelancers are more likely to know how to write for different types of audiences and how to utilize keywords to get the maximum number of hits from search engines. Experience can be checked for by communicating with potential contractors and asking to see some of their work. It is not uncommon for clients to ask freelancers for a sample of previous work before completing the hiring process. If you have the time to sift through different applicants, skimming over their samples can help you find a writer who would be a great match for your project.

3) Hire someone who can understand your native language
When dealing with translations or nonnative writing, the tone and meaning of the article can be unintentionally misconstrued. This could be detrimental to your goals because it could turn away prospective readers. Hiring someone who speaks both your language and the target language can be beneficial for avoiding these types of issues. To check if your potential hire is proficient in English, you could ask for his or her scores on common standardized tests, such as the TOEFL or IELTS. If the individual has not completed any of these assessments, you could see if he or she has any sample writings in English or is able to provide documentation of English proficiency in another manner.

Writing across languages is a practice that is only going to become more common as the world progresses. If you ever need to hire someone to write a text for you in Spanish, keep these tips in mind to get the most for your money While taking the time to do your research may seem burdensome at the beginning of the process, it could actually save you time overall by minimizing your need for an editor or another writer to rewrite half of the piece. If you have a serious job to complete, taking these suggestions into consideration will help you reach your overall goal.

Writer’s block, just do it.

work at home as writer in Spanish
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Working at home as copywriter can be the most exciting job that you ever had. But, it can be also the most irritating task that you will face especially when you experience having no idea about what to write. Yes, I’m talking about that big problem called

up from his head. It happens and when it does, it usually brings stress to the freelancers. But then, this is the right time to get ideas! Did you know that there are still many ways on how to write despite of being stressed at all? This is possible by following the simple ways to get the right idea.

  1. Read more articles online. Since freelancers write articles about anything under the sun, freelancers need to know more about the things that they deal with. Being exposed to articles about different topics gives one idea on how to come up with an article. Your chosen topic must be updated and new. It must cover the basic things that we need to know about this. This ensures you to be more reliable writer compared to a writer who just merely writes and knows nothing about the world.
  2.  Make sure to use only validated information when you present facts. Moreover, try being creative in the process of writing an article. Look at different aspects of your life. Looking at it gives you an idea of what to do. Sometimes, the answers in our problems seem nothing; yet, the ideas that we need are already around us.
  3. Stop for a while. Do not hurry typing just because you are in deadline. Search for more details on the internet. Then, weigh if its source if reliable enough to be used in your article. Some people find time in creating articles in the coffee shops. It is important to think and reflect; then go back again.
  4. Worry less. – This four word one liner gives you chance to be confident in writing. If you have done your research then your post will be useful. Most of the times you do not need to discover anything, but to help people to understand something with your personal point of view.

So in other words. Do not lose time thinking that you are stuck. Research, take your time to relax, when your mind is relaxed put your information in order only taking the one that is worth reading and write it.


Writing about a product? Remember the 4 P’s of Marketing

3 tips to write better blog content
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Marketing marks the most in-demand task of a freelance writer. Writing tasks are integrated especially in SEO strategies. Besides, marketing is the soul of a company because through this, services and products are well-introduced to new target clients. It also unveils the updates regarding a certain product that benefit its users.

As a consequence writing and marketing are linked and it is a good idea for every freelance writer to take a look to marketing basics.

If there is an area that is specially linked with marketing, it is copywriting and even more narrow aspect of it the texts related with products.

Freelancers must always remember the four P’s when it comes to writing texts for products.

Here are some facts that you need to know about the 4 P’s of Marketing

  1. Product – Marketing’s main goal is to introduce product or services. Hence, as a writer, one must know what the product is. Writing about it involves knowing about it sincerely. Facts, details, and every single update about the product must be known by the writer. Highlight the special traits of your product. Enlighten your readers that what you are talking about is a competent and effective product that anyone can use. You will know that what you are doing is correct if your readers are convinced that your product is good through giving a response. In other words persuade them.
  2. Price – This dictates how consumers will react on your product. The ample amount of product will surely leave a great impact on product’s price. However, having low price does not mean good. Setting high price is also good especially if the product is actually made from authentic materials or ingredients. Do not let the expensive price of jewelry appear really expensive. Then, explain the good signs of a well-given price. Of course it depends where your text will be published, but if you are writing a review for a blog, sayins that the product is worth its price is a good idea.
  3. Place – Indicating where a product or service can be bought helps in promoting effectively. This assures the readers that they can satisfy their longing for the product because they can easily avail it in a nearby store. Since most buyers prefer online, freelancers should know how to perfectly explain a good place where people can pay for these goods online, or even at the nearest store. The availability to purchase the product is definitely helpful for students. It is very likely that your client is one of the sellers, so this will be easy.
  4. Promotion – If you are just the writer you do not have to do the promotion yourself, but always is a good a idea that the clients let you know how they will promote the article. For example you can add a couple of twitter texts related with your article if he will use twitter. Depending on the information that you have and your client tastes, you also can link your text with any other promotion that they are currently developing. Actually it will give more coherence to the full marketing strategy.

Here are some of the things that you should know about the 4 P’s of Marketing. Marketing must be nourished and taken care of.