3 rules that could help you to write nice content

3 tips to write better blog content
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When writing content you can’t follow all the rules because the priority is to create an interesting post. Here there are three rules that could help you to write great content, and that you can use in most of your posts. But be careful, always keep in mind that rules are great, but skip some rules to get a better result is even much more better. I mean, don’t put yourself into a jail following rules.

  1. Write a small introduction. It will help you to put your keywords in the very first part of your text. Also, readers will have a general idea to decide if they should continue reading, so the ones that decide to do so, will likely like your text.
  2. Use bulleted list. It is a good thing for SEO because people tend to share this kind of content more than any other.
  3. Ask things to your readers. Asking some questions such as: Do you already know what are the keys to fly without a plane? Will engage your audience. The ones that don’t know your secret, will go to read your text, because people us curious by nature, and also the question is a challenge that they want to overcome.

How to choose an accurate room to set your office

tips to get hired and work at home
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One very important thing to decide when you are about to start a work at home business  is the room that will be your office.

If you are thinking about not to set any room for working and do it in the kitchen, the lounge or in a place that is free of children when you need to work, let me say this is a big mistake. You need to have a room just for working activity, and everybody living with you should know that this room is a workplace. You don’t need to have the room only for you, but all the people in the room should be working in order to have a nice work environment.

So now that you have decided that you need a room, let me tell you some factors you have to take into consideration.

  1. The room needs a door. Sometimes you will need to close it to, talk with clients by Skype, or to avoid noises.
  2. The room should have natural light. Well if it is possible, choose a room with a nice window. It is very healthy.
  3. Try to choose a quiet room instead of the one that totters each time someone closes the parking door of the building.
  4. You need room to keep your work tools such as documents, tables, hardware. If not, you will lose a lot of time going to other room each time you need a sheet.
  5. Wifi reaches the room. Yeah! check it before you decide any other thing.


Work from home as client support

One of the most common jobs for freelancers looking for a work from home job is giving client support services. Here you have 5 tips to do it better.

1. Show the client you have understood his problem

Yes, clients are likely humans, and humans like communication and being understood. So, when you answer your client’s message to say you are about to start to fix it, let him know that you have understood it.

2. Show that you know how difficult is life when you have such a problem

This is related to number one. Once you show that you have understood the problem include a few words to say that you are concerned about the problem and the hard time your client is passing. This will make your client sure that you will work hard in order to solve the problem

3. Keep your client updated and explain what you are doing

Sometimes you can’t solve the issue in just few seconds. It is a good idea let your client know the things you are doing to solve the problem. You don’t want to bore the client with your life, but you want him to know that you and all the company is working to solve the problem as soon as possible.

4. Let him know that he can ask whatever he wants during the process

Show your clients that you are available for them, you are worrying about their problems and because of that you will be happy to help in any other thing they could need.

5. Solve the problem

Well, yes. The client wants you to solve the problem and if this fails you won’t have a happy client.

Following these tips, you will keep a fluent communication with the customers and they will feel well served. Lastly, always have a polite word to say and be clear an easy to understand.

Why is important to have a content writer into your marketing plan?

work from home starts knowing your own skills
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Content marketing is a form of marketing which enables you to provide in-depth and valuable information which could attract new customers and retain the old ones. An orthodox form of marketing involves flyers and leaflets which could sound very mechanical or sometimes boring because it only discusses the main benefit which is just simply for advertising purposes. In the day and age of internet and multimedia, marketing has evolved entirely. The term content marketing is coined as early as 1996. This is used to build trust within the customers and your brand. Having a content writer is deemed to be useful because it has been proven to generate more sales. Especially during your first 2 years in the business, the possibility of gaining profit is difficult because you are yet to build your customer base. In content marketing, especially in e-commerce, this will take your business to a whole new level.

How does content marketing work?

Content marketing uses articles, blogs, social media, news and videos and e-books as its avenue. For example, when you hire a content writer to write an article for your website and readers found it enjoyable then they are more likely to share it to their friends. This is more of the “word of mouth” internet form of advertising. Your brand will get more exposure without having to pay that much money compared to running a television or newspaper ad, to put it simply – it cuts costs. It also gives your customer value, because content marketing such as blogs is something that reveals your sympathetic side making it more personal rather than corporate sounding. You will be able to build trust and rapport between your customers because they are reading something that is more from a personal point of view, rather than them looking at business perspective. This method will also lead you to generate more sales efficiently and reach unexpected target market because your reach has expanded through the course of social media and SEOs. When your customers are interested into buying something, they tend to ask more questions. With content marketing, you will be able to answer these queries and questions will eventually lead and be converted to sales. I was once told by my superior from my previous sales job that a client tends to ask because they are interested into getting your product and wanted some answers. If you are only able to answer them correctly without confusing them, then you will be able to convert those into sales. Content marketing are pretty straight forward. It is only the matter of how you write it to be able to attract more customers and gain net profit. It is also universal and fluid because content marketing works well with any type of industry. By providing customer with relevant information through your articles or blog, that is already called content marketing! Not only that, with blogs and articles that readers can leave comments, you will be able to provide them with an excellent customer service and having that for an experience as a customer will truly make me loyal to your business.

Do the most important first.

Avoid procrastination
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There are two kinds of procrastination: the obvious one and the “other” one. Have you noticed the not obvious procrastination?

Procrastination is to put off something in order to do it later. Big mistake that everyone has done sometimes in life. We all can easily see when we put off something important that we need to do, but that we don’t like to do and instead of face this activity, we do something that we like more, for example read the news or enter in Facebook.

At least we always KNOW when this happens.

However, when the thing we do, instead of the thing we should do, is also a productive activity, it is not so easy to notice it. We are changing something very useful by something less useful, but useful in the end, so we feel well about it.

This procrastination is a very bad thing for our productivity, because though in the end we will finish doing everything, we will do the imprtant thing, when we are tired because of the work needed for the other things.

My suggestion, do the most important first, so your brain is not tired and you can do your best.

Proofread a Spanish text: written accents (II)

Time ago we talked about written accents in Spanish in order to proofread a Spanish text. Today we will look to written accents when two vowels go together.

In Spanish we have two kind of vowels:

  1. Strong vowels are “a”, “e” and “o”.
  2. Weak vowels are “i” and “u”.

When a strong vowel goes with a weak one, it usually is one single syllable. For example: cuerda.

When there are two weak vowels it also is one syllable such as: ruido.

But, when there are two strong vowels, they will be in different syllables, as for example: caer that is pronounced ca-er.

In general, you need to follow the rules stated in the previous post about written accents (you have the link in the first line of this post). So in the word “consideración” as the stressed syllable is the last one and it ends with an “n” it needs a written accent. If that is the case the accent will go in the strong vowel. Same happens with “después”. If the two vowels are weak the written accent goes in the second one. The same works for two strong vowels.

But, when these rules about the syllable don’t work, you need to mark the vowels with a written accent. You will understand with the following example.

In BIOLOGÍA, I is weak and A  is strong, so it should be one syllable, however in Spanish we say BIO-LO-GÍ-A. To separate the I and the A you need the written accent. In BIO as the weak and strong vowels are together you don’t need any accent. Also, there is not such word in Spain with more than one written accent.


3 work from home myths

tips to get hired and work at home
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Work at home is the dream of a lot of people and being honest I understand that. But sometimes people think all is perfect and the real world is not so marvellous.

  1. You work when you want

Yeah… kind of, but unless you are very well established and you have very high profit margin the truth is that you will work every time you have work to do. There is a little true in that statement and it is that your timetable is more flexible, but there will be a lot of times than your clients give you so close deadlines that you will work no matter if you want or not.

2. You don’t have fixed costs

Ok, you don’t have to pay an office, but you have to pay a good internet connection, the taxes that your country states for the activity and many other things that you would not  Maybe a software you need to work, maybe a mobile device to keep contact with your clients…

Work from home allows you to save some money, but every entrepreneur asks for an investment.

3. Zero stress

Stress doesn’t depend on if you work at home or in an office, but in the nature of the job you do. If you are a stock trader doing risky investments you will be stressed in your sofa or in the most beautiful beach.

3 things you can do to get inspiration

No matter if you write in Spanish or in any other language, you probably have suffered some days that your brain is just empty. What could you do to put some ideas on?

  • Check social networks

Put some keywords in your favourite social network and see what you get. The goal is not to copy the fisrt post you see, but to get an idea about where the topic has a lack of information.

When you search on Facebook, Twitter or even in Google, it is common that you get some similar results in the top. Now you know what is there, try to think as a potential reader. What is missing? Answer this question and you have a great idea to write about.

  • Ask your children
3 things to get ideas and start to write
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Have you tried it? Children usually have an opinion about everything, and this opinion is probably a great and original way to start a post about something. In the end, you are a writer, you only need a nice and original point to start and the ideas will come. Let them try to help you.

  • Look at your old texts

One great idea is read again some of your old texts. You usually have a word limit, which means many texts have a central idea that is already developed and some tangential ideas that you could develop in your next post. Besides is an easy way to have an internal link for your site.

Do you have more tips? Share them in the comments!


Could you change your text?

Being asked to do changes in the work done is a common freelance problem.

Some freelancers don’t include any revision in the price, so if the client doesn’t like the work done, the client needs to pay more to get the changes he wants.

I believe in offering a high quality work and, if you ask me, within the high quality work is adapting the work to your client tastes. So, in principle I wouldn’t ask more money for reasonable changes.

But there is a limit. Your client has the responsibility to give you clear instructions. Then, after seeing your work it is normal that he suggests minor changes. In the end, he is who better knows his customers.

What is not acceptable is not giving any instruction in the beginning and then ask for changes. You need to decide what is improving your work, then you should it, and what is making you lose time, and you never should lose time.

Most of clients are reasonable people, and it is better to accept son minor changes in order to get them 100% happy. With time you will know them better, and you will need fewer and fewer changes each time.