Why Hire Someone to Work from Home?

as copywriter in Spanish I can say that today internet is the main source of information
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As freelance copywriter in Spanish, I can say that we are in the era, where internet is our number one source of knowledge and information, but it just doesn’t stop there. Nowadays, it has become a large marketplace (where micro and macro businesses put up an online catalogs and ordering system); an advertising and marketing channel (in a form of social media advertising and promotions, search engine optimization, etc.) and nowadays, to outsource employment.

Business outsourcing has come a long way. It started back in the early 2000 where various multimillion companies have set up regional offices such as call centers to provide them with workforce without the additional costs. This has brought them to bring their businesses into regions in India and South East Asia, where labor costs are cheap compared to employing staffs locally. This became possible with the technology of VoIP or voice over internet protocol. It allows telephony using the internet. In the case of other industries, it is as highly effective as with multimillion companies. On a financial standpoint, as a business owner, you have to set limitations in terms of budget.

This has brought others to engage with work at home jobs. This provides them the comfort and freedom compared to working in a regular office environment. Most common jobs in this type of setting are mostly within the skill set of the following: customer service, data entry, administrative support, software and websitedevelopment, and media and advertising in the form of e-commerce.

As an employer, what would be the advantage of hiring someone to work at home?

Let’s say that you run an office in a small town and you wanted to hire someone. Of course, you would want to hire someone who is just as effective and efficient as any other. But what are the chances of having such talent when you have limited choices for manpower potential. But the right person for the job is out there, it is only a matter of widening your options. Local government, of course, encourages hiring locally because it promotes economic progress within an area and I don’t have anything against that, and for some jobs is the best idea. But let’s continue with the idea that there are lot of jobs that just need someone who is willing to work and can deliver satisfactory results more than what you are expecting. What are the chances than the best person lives in your city? Open your mind, open your chances, look at the world.

Another advantage is that it saves you some office space. Work at home employees are also free from regular office distractions and save them the time to travel going to and from the office. It also promotes work/ life balance which is essential to anyone’s general well-being and health. How does it benefit an employer like me? Simply put it this way, the happier your staff, the more likely they are to perform better. Not only that, you will save a lot in operational costs and due to time zone difference, it means that your business is operating almost 24/7. Not only that, when you hire someone to work at home for you, there is no need to pay for additional labor costs such as health insurance and compensation. These are just some of the reasons why employers prefer to hire someone to work at home.

Do you have your own reasons? Please, share them !

You need to create the story of your company

There are people looking for copywriters to write about anything and there are people looking for copywriters to write about the story of their business.

story telling as content marketing strategy
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Storytelling is simply considered as one of the intellectual skill. It is something that has to be developed right from the childhood. As we grow in ages, we have to grow other abilities that will make our story telling skill more interesting and yet powerful. Along with the speaking skills, the skill needed for the story telling is making the audience get involved in the story telling. Even if people is not listening the story telling in person, they should get evoked into the story just while reading the story or even just watching it. They should build their involvement into the action of story and get impressed in such a way that they feel to share with the other people like colleagues, friends and neighbours.

Storytelling in the modern world has a broad scope and view.  There is a style in story telling called Contemporary storytelling that uses addressing mainly at the educational needs. Recent forms of the media are just creating new methods for the people in recording, expressing, and even consuming the stories. The specific Tools used for communicating with in the asynchronous group can actually provide room for the individuals in reframing or even recasting the different stories into group. Platforms like games and other digital ways which are used in the area like factious or storytelling, are actually used in positioning the people as a character within the same world. Subjects like documentaries that include interactive ones that employ techniques like storytelling narrative in communicating information on the same topic.

So if it work for all these area, why do you think it won’t for your business? Life is a circle. Most of the time what you see working in anything else will work in your business too. You only need to do the effort to adapt the working thing to the characteristics of your goals.

Every company should have its own story. It is not about talk saying nothing, but talk giving your customers the information they are looking for in the wide internet. By doing so, you will reach the difficult goal of being into your clients mind. And there will be a day when they need something that you provide, that they even won’t need to make a decision, they will have done the decision to ask you to help them time ago, when they was looking for other information in internet, when they entered the first time in your website.



How to Reduce Distractions When You’re Freelancing

The great part about freelancing is that you’re your own boss. You can create your own schedule that conforms to your preferred hours. You don’t have to fight tooth and nail to get a day off. Applying for jobs is typically much faster than through ordinary applications. Finally, you always have a variety of tasks to do, meaning that you don’t have to end up doing the same job every single day. Sounds perfect, right? Well, there is one disadvantage.

The disadvantage is that you’re your own boss. In an ordinary workforce, your boss would chew you out if you were slacking on the job. Being late to work may land you in hot water. If you take a day off without going through an arduous process, your boss would give you a reprimand or even fire you. This sounds terrible, but it has a big advantage, in that it’s forcing you to work or suffer dire consequences. With freelancing, you’re home alone and online. You may end up checking Facebook too often instead of writing, or watch a funny video someone sent you. After all, your jobs aren’t due for a while. But being distracted can make the difference between a successful freelancer and one who fails at their job and has to succumb to working at the nine-to-five grind. This is because there is another advantage to freelancing that most jobs don’t have. You are paid more the more you work instead of by the hour for a majority of jobs. If you devote a good few hours to your day freelancing without the World Wide Web tempting you, you can make some decent money. So how do you avoid a terrible freelancing career?

First, create a schedule and stick with it. Make sure the schedule is not lenient. You need to work at your chosen hour at the dot and not stop until you reach a certain time. How long you work will vary from freelancer to freelancer, so choose a schedule that works at your own pace. Make sure to pepper in a few times for a break and don’t overstay your break. Also, devote a time for job applications so you can get more jobs.

Another method would be to disconnect from the Internet or unplug your router altogether until work is done. Unless staying on the Internet is mandatory for your job, just gather the information you need from your project, turn off the Internet, and work offline.

Finally, make sure you set up your own office that is free from clutter and anything that may distract you. For instance, working in your video game room may not be the best idea. While some can work anywhere, be sure to do your freelancing in a place where you’re most comfortable.

Freelancing is a great occupation, but there are a few pitfalls to look out for. Just remember to keep your eyes on your jobs and you can cross those pitfalls with no problem.

SWOT analysis to work at home: Opportunities

It is usual and a casual talk about work at home as freelance writer that provides large ocean of opportunities. But it is also true that each and every person can easily make the opportunities fit to them. They actually serve multiple purposes:

  1. Know about the subject you generally write
  2. Improvise your mind towards vocabulary and recent updates
  3. Making good opportunity for better income

This does not stop here. You do create a world of sensational things where you get a chance to work with people of different countries, ages and etc. The skills you acquire by making use of these opportunities are really huge and wide. You mould yourself professionally in a working and a friendly environment.

Gain experience and gain expertise

You will first start feel like consuming more time for writing along with the instructions provided. But as you grow stronger in experience, you feel like the work is much comfortable for you. Similar to “As you sow you shall reap”, you make use of great opportunities provided to enhance your multiple skills like vocabulary, writing, mannerism and many other good qualities that will really orient you in a fine path. This will help you in rightly guiding your career path in a different developing arena. You might have started doing the work as hobby, but by the time you might have become a very good and sensational writer with the abilities of expressing any technical, non-technical, general and even any other philosophical matter in a more clear and substantial manner.

Take the opportunities and become an entrepreneur

After a quite while you have acquired the writing skills, you are ready to use the opportunities as your career highlights. There are several forms of writing like article writing, content writing, blogging, re-writing, press release, marketing content blogging etc. Apart from these forms, there are more writing styles you will excel with like APA styles, MLM styles, Oxford style etc. Getting used to these styles, can make you always engaged directly with the college graduates and even some professor who are undertaking doctorates and other fellow ship program.

Technical writing and e-book writing are some fields that are very demanding in the market of writing. Does not stop here, but also extends in many other academic areas like content development of subjects like Math, Physics, Chemistry and many more.

After reaching at a point you will start rewinding and look at the path you have actually travelled. You started as a low level writer and progressed through to various other levels after learning and acquiring multiple skills. Now you are eligible to start your own writing agency to provide your own services by acquiring your own clients. Given that you have started acquiring clients and provide services to them as per their needs, you become a small scale entrepreneur. As you have turned a entrepreneur, you have to keep track of time and punctuality in collecting the needs from your clients and providing the feedbacks to the workers to get the works done. Post the works are complete; it is your important responsibility to do proper check on their work. In case you have more works, you can appoint a proofreader to reduce writing verification work.

SWOT analysis to work at home: Strengths

Are you planning to become a freelance writer? Then read further to know about the Strengths of doing writing jobs at home as a part of SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. There are several factors to be considered while doing a SWOT analysis. This information will give you a detailed version of the strengths to work at home.

  • If you are in a situation where you cannot go out and spend time in your office then this is the right option for you.
  • If you are pregnant and in your last few months of delivery, then this is the right option for you.
  • If you have a new born who to be looked after, then you needs can choose this work.


The main advantage of working at home is flexibility. If you are thinking about starting to work as freelance writer there is room for lot more flexibility when compared to other type of freelancer jobs.

  • You can work at your convenient time.
  • You can write as much as you can. You do not have to sit together for hours and do the work.
  • You will have the freedom to work when you like either day time or night time. You will not be compelled to work on shifts.
  • You can dress as your wish you need not wear a formal wear.
  • You won’t have anyone to boss you. You are the boss and you are the work. Do your work and you will be paid as per you work.


  • The other advantage of working from home is that you save a lot of time, for instance the time you would spend on travelling will be relatively cut off.


When you choose to become a freelance writer you have a large number of genres to write. You can choose the one you like the most and that you are interested in. For example if you are good at cooking you can share innovative ideas and recipes.


You have a lot of options to choose from.

  • You can choose to work for a single client on long term basis.
  • There are sites that pay you per article you can write for them.
  • There are sites that pay you for guest blogging. Some sites pay hundreds of dollars for a single guest post.
  • You can sell your article on sites.
  • You can resell the articles if you have it PLR licensed.
  • You can create your own website and write on it and get viewers. The more viewers you have the more you get through ad sense and similar revenue sharing sites.
  • You will get paid when you prefer. You can get paid either weekly or bi- weekly or monthly or even daily. It depends upon your preference.
  • There is not limitation for your earning. You get paid per article or per word the more you write the more you get.