How to Use Freelancing To Get the Best Out of Your Book

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As a writer, you probably do freelance a lot. With many of the jobs, whether they are stories, articles, or blog posts, many require you to be a ghostwriter. Essentially, you write it and give all of the rights up to someone else. You’re tired of seeing your books online receiving positive reviews under someone’s name, and you want to publish your own stuff. If you want to write it on your own, there are still many ways you can use freelancing to perfect your book, all for reasonable prices.

  • First, you should hire an editor. While editing your own stuff can work, sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to give your story an unbiased touch-up. Some errors in grammar and problems with the story can be overlooked if you edit it on your own. If they can format it for Kindle, all the better.
  • Second, you should hire a freelance illustrator. Unless you have quality art skills, you may want to look into a professional to giving your story a cover that will catch the eyes of potential customers. Look at their portfolios and see which style most fits your vision, and work from there. Whether you’re making an epic fantasy illustration or a simple design, many people will judge your book by its cover.
  • Third, hiring someone review your book can benefit you. While some will read your short story for free, many won’t read a novel if you ask them to. While criticism is subjective, they could give you constructive points that you could use to improve your novel or use in the future. Also, you could hire reviewers to post on the book’s page, but you may want to avoid dishonest reviews. While having a few shills post five star reviews can get people’s attention, you won’t be able to control the outpour of bad reviews if your content is poorly-written. Remember to have quality before you release content.
  • Lastly, always hire someone to help with the marketing of your book. Unless you’re a master in advertising, getting someone to spread the word is essential if you want to make a profit. However, this can be a big investment. You may shoot yourself in the foot if you don’t choose the right marketing firm for the job. So make sure they have plenty of experiences in the marketplace and look at their clients. Also, see how long that you can see results. Typically, it may take a few months to take off, so don’t listen to a marketing firm if they claim they will get your product popular in days. Also, you will want a marketing company that is committed and won’t give you a one hit wonder, so strive for a long-term relationship.

Freelancing can help accomplish all these, and sometimes you can get professionals for only a few dollars. Scout around and see what they can do for you. Soon, you can be a writer and not a ghostwriter.

How To Find Your Freelance Specialty

There have been a few deliberations on whether you must specialize your services and; whether or not you must charge your rates per hour or per task. Be that as it may, priorities must first be focused on what really is our specialty and how to narrow down your skills to achieve what you really want to accomplish. Here are tips on how to find your own freelance specialty and what you must prioritize to achieve success in working online.

Why You Must Specialize

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So why would it be a good idea for you to specialize? Fundamentally, regardless of the extent of what you learn and educate yourself with, it’s difficult to be the best of everything. What’s more, to succeed in freelancing, you must be truly good at what you do.
Specializing permits you to turn into a master in your chosen field. You’re likewise more prone to be seen as one by potential customers. Specializing likewise permits you to concentrate on sharpening your abilities and is simpler to stay aware of new improvements. This permits you to rapidly get to be preferable at what you do over the generalist.

Step by Step Instructions On How To Specialize Your Services

With a specific end goal to specialize, you have to settle on two things:

  • What you’re good at.
  • What you truly appreciate and love doing.

Regularly, the response to those two inquiries is the same, however not generally. If not, try going over the work you truly enjoy in doing, as you’ll in the end get to be better at it the more you practice. All things considered, you did start a new business for yourself to do the work you truly cherished, isn’t that so?

The Most Effective Method To Specialize Your Clients

Specializing your customers is just the same and as imperative as specializing your services. Choosing what kind of customers you need to work with will make you more satisfied over the long run and will build the viability of your market. It’s considerably more successful to get your message to 10 flawless fitting customers than to get your message to 500 customers who won’t work for you.
Thus, how would you pick who you need to work with? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What sort of services are you presently advertising?
  2. What sorts of customers are the ones who’d need those services?
  3. What is your perfect working relationship and which customers from above would fit that scheme?

So as a conclusion:
Simply keep in mind that with every type of marketing effort, it usually takes some time for customers to perceive that you have specialized. Remember one important thing, if specializing doesn’t work for you, you can just retreat to offering every skills you know to every client.
Specializing provides for you the type of work and customers you need. When you are the master, they come to you and hire you more and not the other way around. There may be customers that pass you by, yet it’s not about numbers – it’s about the quality of customer and the specialized work you will do. The more you train yourself as a specialist, the better you’ll do as a freelancer.

How to Get More Work Done in Less Time

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With freelance writing, most of your jobs are fixed price. In other words, you are paid once you complete the task. If you have a reliable workload, you could make more cash in an hour than most people make in hourly jobs. However, some people do struggle to get the most out of their time. There are plenty of articles about avoiding distractions, so this one won’t cover that, but instead will cover how to get more work done.

First off, make sure that you’re working at your preferred time. People are different. While some work great at morning, others are night owls. Being a freelancer, you can adjust accordingly to get the most out of your schedule.

Second, try experimenting with different work environments. Not everyone is going to work their best in their office. Try working outside, or at a coffee shop. Some work in complete ambience, while others like a hectic environment. But if you like the coffee shop option, you must choose one that has people and, as said before ambience, no the noisiest one.

Third, set a minimum word amount that you must pass in order to take a break. For instance, you should write a thousand words before you can look at Facebook, and only spend less than a minute looking at it. By doing this, you have an incentive to finish your work faster.

Finally, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Working on the same story can get a little tiresome after a while, so don’t be afraid to work on another job to keep everything fresh. Make sure to apply to plenty of jobs so you can be able to have enough work for you to do that.

By following these instructions, you can get the most out of your freelancing career and make enough to pay the bills and then some. You may not perfect the art in a night, but you can gradually increase your productivity.

The Advantages of Freelancing Working at home

Are you bored of looking for a traditional job? Are you looking for something that allows you to get a wrok-life balance? Maybe it is time to change your mind.

There are plenty of benefits from deciding to work at home. Here are just five to consider if you want to be a freelancer.

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  1. Make your own hours. Some people work better at night, others at the crack of dawn. You don’t have to adjust your sleep schedule and work at a time that you don’t want to.
  2. You can take any day off. Getting a day off at a normal job can be an uphill battle, and good luck trying to get multiple days off. But with freelancing, a majority of jobs have reasonable deadlines, so you aren’t hurt if you want to take a day off. You can just work harder another day to make up. Or you can even work a little if you decide to take a vacation. Just use your laptop at the hotel before bed or when you wake up.
  3. The harder you work, the more you’re paid. Most jobs pay you the same by the hour no matter how hard you work. However, many freelancing jobs are fixed price, so the more you do, the more you’re paid. If you devote a few hours to nonstop working, you can potentially make a hundred dollars or more.
  4. Work can be diverse. Doing the same task every day can be boring, but with freelancing, you can have a variety of tasks that are different from one another. You can devote one day to working on one job, or do a little bit of everything another.
  5. Getting the job is much faster. For the most part, there’s no extremely long applications and no having to wait for too long to see if you got the job. And most interviews are quick and easy. No having to wear a suit, cut your hair, and look awkwardly at your boss as they scrutinize your every breath.

Overall, there are many benefits to freelancing, and it’s something to consider if you’re tired of working from 9-5.

How to keep a client happy when working from home

Working from home can be a very liberating experience. It rids people of the hassle of commuting from home to work and back. It also gives most freelancers the feeling that they are their own boss. In a way, instead of just being another employee, freelancers are actually entrepreneurs. They basically sell their skills. Working from home also gives freelancers the chance to decide how their area will look like so that it’s conducive for a work at home setup. Altogether, these possibilities give freelancers the chance to envision how they want to be successful using their own skills.

Once clients are in and the projects are piling up, the next thing to do is to make sure that clients are happy. For which there are three very helpful basic principles: Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind and Put First Things First.

1 Be Proactive

To be proactive means taking the first step to engage and communicate with the client. Discuss details, ask for information, and be available for feedback. It is important to be available to do these things because details, information and feedback are what make a project successful. Of course they are also the tools which help in keeping the client happy because knowing these things serves as guide in producing the client’s preferred output.

2 Begin with the End in Mind

To begin with the end in mind means internalizing the client’s expectations and feedback and letting these guide one’s thought process and output design. It means keeping details in mind so that outputs looks just the way the client envisions it to be. It is one thing to be available for feedback and it is another to actually apply feedback, make the necessary changes or, for example, use the appropriate vocabulary to match the client’s goal. Even if the client changes his mind sometimes, it is important that a freelancer keeps the client’s preference in mind. This makes the client feel that the freelancer is working with him on the project and is working to help him achieve his goal.

 3 Put First Things First

Finally, putting first things first means making sure that the projects or tasks with the highest priority are really put up on the list. Although it is alright to want to have more projects, there must be a scheduling system to be followed so that a freelancer knows which deadline with which client is coming up. Clients will not want to feel that they are not being prioritized. However, clients are also not the same in dealing with their deadlines. Some clients allow for longer turnaround time while others need work submitted early. That is why a scheduling system will help to keep track of expected work progress.

Overall, despite the liberating experience that freelancing may give people who work from home, it is still important to not forget that this is still business and therefore a degree of professionalism which is helped by the aforementioned principles is still needed.

Should I do a free test?

When working as freelance writer many clients want to see some examples of your work, which is normal. But sometimes, if they ask for free examples, there is a difficult situation to deal with.

What to do if a client ask you for a free writing example?

I have done some free examples in the past, and some of them led to good and profitable projects. However, I don’t believe in free tests, because there are people, I can’t say they are clients, that use these tests for their purpose and after that don’t hire anybody.

You need to create a portfolio of your writing, and this portfolio needs to have examples of many different subjects/areas/sectors. Once you have that, your future clients can have an idea about how your work will be. If they are so unsure about you, that still want a free example, maybe is better to suggest them to look for another person.

If you fell your client is trustful you can offer do a test for a lower price. Ideally this example shouldn’t be a good fit for the job. I mean, if your client needs a 500 words post and want and example, the example could be 100 words. It doesn’t make sense do a 500 words for a job that is write 500 words.

Other thing to take into consideration is the amount of work you will get after the example. For a single post, there is not a single reason to do an example. If the job is a small project, you need to make your client feel sure about you with your portfolio. Examples are ok, for a long term projects or projects that has a good amount of income involved.

First step to be a professional is that you value your own work. Always remember that.

Hourly rate or fixed price?

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In general there are two kinds of jobs:
Hourly rate jobs: Your client wants you to track your time so they can pay you a specific amount per hour worked.
Fixed price jobs: Your client pays a set amount per project, no matter how long you have to work to finish it.
I personally charge less for an hourly rate than for a fixed-price rate. When you are working for a fixed price and encounter unexpected aspects of the job, you could be working a long time for a ridiculously small amount. In an hourly job the unexpected is covered. Also your client is trusting you to accurately record the time you spend on the job. This trust should be rewarded with a better price.
When you are agreeing on an hourly rate, give an approximate budget but be clear that it depends on the time needed to complete the job.
Some clients will ask for your hourly rate, and then ask you to complete a job in a fixed amount of time. Okay, this is obviously a fake hourly job; it is a fixed price. If you are charging different for an hourly than for a fixed price rate, then you must let your client know it. If a client tries to negotiate a lower amount than your fixed price, it is better to refuse the job. It is a very bad signal if a client is trying to take advantage of this “kind of negotiation”. Negotiation is okay and healthy, but this is dishonest. I don’t appreciate dishonesty in people that will have to pay me.
If you ask me, it is okay if you want to offer a deal to your client and do a job for a cheaper price, but it is a deal because you have offered it. This situation is not acceptable if it is a result of your client asking for an hourly job and then limiting the time that will be compensated.
I can accept the time limit if it seems reasonable plus a little.

What does plus a little mean?

As I said, the good thing about an hourly rate is that the unexpected is always covered. So if you are going to agree on an hourly rate (cheaper than a fixed price) and your client wants a time limit, calculate the time you will need and double it, explaining that you will likely use less time than you quoted and that if he wants a fixed price, you can do it but the conditions will be different. You can explain about unexpected factors to let your client know why you are charging different rates.

Content webite in Spanish, Usted or Tu?

As a writer in Spanish, one of the most common doubts when writing for a website or blog is related to the question: Should I write “tu” or “usted”?

“Usted” is formal, but in Latin America it is used in informal speech too, whereas “tu” is informal and only used in Spain.

The easy way to solve the problem is to always use “usted”; however if you are writing for Spaniards, your website will not be as accurate as it should.

When to use USTED

In business letters and e mails.

In your website content texts, if you want them to sound more formal. Usually when your audience consists of other businesses rather than individuals.

In blogs only when you want to be very formal, as for example if you are a consultant’s or a doctor. However most of them are writing with TU and I think this will be the trend in the coming future.

In adverts only for some financial, health, etc. adverts. But I really don’t recommend it.

When to use TU

In your website content, only if your marketing strategy is a brand that is a friend of the audience. For example, if your target is young people.

In your blog posts.

In adverts.

Things to keep in mind as a Spanish redactor

USTED is boring and serious. You have to decide if you need to sell an engaging brand that is a customer’s friend or a very trustworthy brand.

TU is more engaging, and marketing usually needs to be fun. It is likely accurate for your blog.

TU creates a close relationship with clients.

Usted creates a professional ambience.

With time TU is being more and more accepted, even by elderly people.